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Italy, on a motorcycle

"Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the World", of course, you may say, you are Italian and you like it, but let us try to convince you too !!

Italy is a small country, it covers an area of 294.000 sq. kms, half of France and Germany, slightly larger than Arizona, and only very few kms are flat, actually the only flat area is the one around Milano ( !!!), the Pianura Padana that goes from Torino, located to the west to Venezia to the east, the distance between these two towns is 350 kms and the width of the area is of 150 kms from north to south.

Yes, the only good thing of Milano is that is near everything: Lake Region, Alps, Appennini, ferry to Corsica and Sardinia, Venezia, Cote d'Azur, etc. In other words if you avoid this area, from Milano, in a very short time, you can go riding in amazing p where you cannot go wrong !

Any back road you take with your motorcycle is a good road for riding, from the Alps, world wide known to the very far south in Campania and Calabria, perfect places for riding, no traffic, good roads, good hotels, nice people and, in case you need to be in a city like Palermo, Napoli,  Roma or Milano the higways will take you there in an incredible short time. And do not forget the islands: Sicilia, Sardinia and Corsica, the last one politically part of France but geografically part of Italy.

Take a look at the map to have the exact idea of what we are talking about !!

The weather divides Italy in 2 areas: the Continental and the Peninsular, the first one, the North part, has a good climate for riding from may to september, the second area, from Tuscany south, is perfect almost all year round, excluding december, january and february. Actually, Sicily in february, some years, is already perfect ( minimum temp. around 15/17°C or 60/64°F and max around 20/25°C or 70/80°F).

Alps are perfects in june, july and august but in september, at the end, you may find snow, already, over the high passes like the Stelvio or the Gavia.

Appennini, the central Range, the back bone, are great, not so high like the Alps but more enjoyable, more open with great roads, large bends, from Tuscany to Calabria, far south, and not very well know with less tourists too.

And of course Italy does not need presentation for the cuisine and for places like Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Napoli, Capri, Ischia, Amalfi !!!

Are you still there ?!

Check the availability of your bike and catch your flight to Italy !

Map of Italy

Some pictures of Italy


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