Touring in style. Fancy riding an Italian classic some spectacular scenery? Then this might just be the trip for you.

The small town of Tavullia is 10 miles inland from Pesaro on the Adriatic coast. In 1911, the widowed Teresa Benelli bought a workshop in Pesaro, to ensure a future for her six sons – Guiseppe, Giovanni, Filippo, Francesco, Dominico and Antonio ‘Tonino’, though the family actually came from Tavullia to the larger town. Nowadays the community of just over 7000 people is best known as MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi’s home town and that is where his house and training track is…as well as his restaurant, with the fan club offices next door. A large poster adorns the bridge in the center of the town and every lamppost is wrapped with yellow ribbons with Rossi’s number 46 on them, leaving you in no doubt you’re on “The Doctor’s’ turf.

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